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Dr. Janet O’Donnell, Psy.D.

As a child psychologist, Dr. Janet specializes in providing professional care and treatment to children and adolescents ages 4-16 years old. Dr. Janet works closely with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, school counselors, and families to provide comprehensive and coordinated care. Therapy and assessments are customized to each individual, aimed at providing clarification of a child’s diagnosis, and in making recommendations that increase support. Whether you are seeking an assessment or counseling, Dr. Janet is dedicated to helping you gain a deeper understanding of your child and how best to support them.

Dr. Janet’s experience has allowed her to develop an expertise in understanding child development and the interaction between neurocognitive functions, personality and temperament, and family dynamics. She has supported families for over 25 years with parent coaching, child therapy, family therapy, comprehensive evaluations, assistance in developing an IEP and/or 504 (i.e. ARD process), and facilitating parenting classes. Dr. Janet takes a team-based approach and respects the relationship between the parent and child. She offers faith-based guidance and healing meant to strengthen the child and the family system. Her philosophy is the healing process to change and growth includes all aspects– cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual – to foster a healthy development of the child.

A child’s behavior can tell you a great deal about what they think about their world. If your child has behaviors that are troubling you, or you need your child assessed for a diagnosis or learning challenge, Dr. Janet is personally available to discuss your child’s needs and best ways to move forward. Give you call or email.